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I have enjoyed writing my Sue Lee Mystery series. However, starting a new science fiction series on Amazon Kindle Vella is fun! The books are not all presented in whole; you do them in episodes, just like the pulp fiction days. Some writers at Kindle Villa write the entire book and submit it by chapter (episode) once a week or month.
I don’t. I start fresh with each episode, so I don’t know the ending. The reader and I have fun guessing how it ends.
Quincy is a time traveler from the future arriving on earth during the San Francisco Gold rush to protect earthlings from the cosmic travelers who do not want to fit in but take over the world. He teams up with a Señorita Carmen Hernandez to prevent the takeover of her father’s Malibu Ranch by the Dacha’s aliens.
Well, enough said, you can read the first four chapters for free using the link on the image above.


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