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Writers View Monte Carlo

Updated: Aug 20

Monte-Carlo, one of my favorite places, or should I say gaming places,

in my book, “Villa Adele Murder,” A murder in the Monte Carlo past moves to the present. Here is an excerpt from my story.

1901 Monte Carlo:

The last thing Lance Corporal, a.k.a. “General Stanton” saw as he pushed away from his attacker was the hilt of the knife embedded in his chest shining in the moonlight.

Enough said, it’s an exciting mystery story, jumping between two timelines, but what is the resolution, read it and see. “Villa Adele Murder,” will be out soon in Audio, enjoy!

Monte-Carlo is one of Europe’s most expensive places, regardless, well worth a visit, but beware. Prices are higher during the Monaco Grand Prix or the famous Monte Carlo Masters Tennis tournament. However, the fireworks are fabulous!

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