Sue Lee Mystery Series, Book Thirteen

Bahama sunshine, palm trees, and the bright blue Caribbean sea is a perfect destination for a Christmas party for "Island Art Inquires." Including a fun treasure hunt for Spanish Doubloons that turns deadly.  


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  • The Bahamas, December 1951
    Jonathan stood under the palm tree with his friend Sebastian looking carefully at the gold coin Jonathan found while diving near the reef. 
    “Let me fetch my glasses,” Jonathan said, digging into the colorful beach bag. A gift to him by his wife Lucie, so it would not be unnoticed and left on the beach like so many others he once owned. 
    “Jonathan, I’m not certain, but you may have discovered something here. My history knowledge is limited, but I do know the Spanish were broke after the War of the Spanish Succession, 1701–1714, and they were looting South America and Mexico.”
    “True, I recall that from our history books at school, but we see doubloons around Nassau town of no value except to tourists.”
    “Yes, mostly faked. However, a few doubloons with the correct mint markings do surface from time to time. I believe these two are genuine. You see, this one is minted in Peru, see the markings, and I believe this shows the year 1708, and, look, there are similar markings on this second piece. It is very unusual to find two in the same place.”
    “How in the world did it end up in here we have been diving that reef for a year?”
    “You recall, Jonathan, last October, while you and family were in England, we had one hell of a hurricane.”
    “Ah, yes, you called it, Hurricane Fox, it destroyed many residents, we were the lucky ones.”
    “The storm was horrendous with robust tides, strong enough to move wreckage from its original site.” 
    “So, you’re assuming Sebastian, since two of the same markings were found others may be nearby?” 
    “Possibly, but it would take a team to find it, preferably a trustworthy team.” 
    “Well, we do have a Christmas diving event coming up. With the entire “Island Art Inquires” arriving, however, we should go talk this over with the ladies. Lucie is still a bit miffed at me neglecting to mention the party sooner.” 
    “Definitely, this could be a puzzling adventure finding Spanish gold. We need all hands on deck.” 
    “I say, the game is afoot.”   

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